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Arcade Racer:

Racing Game Development Kit

for Unity available on the Unity Asset Store

 Arcade Racer: Racing Game Development Kit is one of the most complete racing game templates available on the asset store. All source code is included. Start making your Unity racing game today!


Simple Traffic System

for Unity available on the Unity Asset Store

Simple Traffic System is an easy to use traffic system with editor helper tools that allow for quick creation of waypoint based routes that can be interconnected to create road networks in your scenes. The primary logic is highly optimized using the new C# Job System and Burst Compiler, allowing you to save more of your performance budget.

Timers & Clocks

for Unity available on the Unity Asset Store

A small collection of drag-and-drop timer and clock prefabs that make displaying time and configuring logic that can trigger a time’s up event quick and easy.

IK Avatar Driver

for Unity available on the Unity Asset Store

Don't let your cars drive empty!
IK Avatar Driver is an arcade style car controller with a procedurally animated inverse kinematics avatar driver, you can customize it with your own car and humanoid-character models. The avatar is modular and can be used with Edy’s Vehicle Physics, NWH Vehicle Physics, Realistic Car Controller, and Simple traffic System.

NPC Chat

for Unity available on the Unity Asset Store

NPC Chat is a powerful prefab and chat box system that allows you to configure events, dialogue, notifications and more in a few quick steps. Add an NPC Chat object to your scene and assign the required inspector references (player transform, chat box to use, text, events and trigger settings).

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